When wishes come true…

First of all I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has commented and wished me well. No-one is more surprised than me about my offer of a two book deal with Harlequin’s Digital Imprint Carina.  In my heart I know my novel is good enough to be published because over the years I have read some that actually kept me going they were so bad and had found publishers, but I never actually believed it could happen to me. I thought it was something that would always happen to everyone else. I keep thinking it all might be a mistake, once my contract arrives I think I might actually believe it’s true and then I’ll give everyone a full update.

You know there is a garden centre we visit every couple of months up at Ambleside and outside there is a wishing well type thing with a bell that you throw your money at to see if you can hit it. It has become a Phifer family tradition now that none of us can walk away until we hit that bell at least once and make a wish. My wishes these last two years have been, please let me finish my book, please let me find an agent or publisher, please let the lovely editor I met like my book, please let the lovely editor buy my book – you get the idea. I think it might be time for another trip up there to make another wish but I’m not sharing that one unless it comes true but whatever you do with your writing and no matter how disheartened you may feel – don’t ever give up.

Helen P xx

9 thoughts on “When wishes come true…

  1. Hi Helen

    What a lovely story. I always do something similar when I see a wishing well and next time I go, I might even double up on the wishes just to give myself a bit more of a chance! Ooh, you’ve got me wondering about your most recent wish – might there be a movie in your future or perhaps the Joan Hessayon award..? Naughty of me to try and guess I know!

    A million congratulations again and please, please, please post when you get a minute about the moment you got the news. Your faith in your novel was clearly more than justfied. I am having a wobble in the other direction and wondering if mine is complete rubbish… It’s only having got a second read that’s keeping me going at the moment and so time to find a wishing well and ramp up the cosmic forces to help me out a bit I think!

    Jo xx

  2. Helen that is superb news!! You must be walking on air, that is superb and so well deserved I’m sure. Carina will make a lovely job of it I’m sure, and it will be a book to cherish. I think you do know in your heart sometimes if something is good enough, except when we have a crisis of confidence. JKRowling knew with Harry Potter and kept on going with it.

    I do indeed know that garden centre in Ambleside, my first qualified job was in Wigton social services and I loved it, all that driving around stunning scenery, but it was too far from my family so I came down back south.

    I’d love to hear the whole story when you’re ready, and lets hope you’re the first of all our little group.

    Meanwhile, would you send some good wishes to Bella, our little dog. She is the doggie equivalent of 9 months pregnant and still no sign of labour! I hear they can go over by 5 days without worry so hopefully it’ll be ok.

    Congratulations once again! Lynne x

  3. Hi Helen, That wishing well clearly did the job. Or maybe it’s that you wrote a fabulous book and the good people at Carina recognised that. I’m going with the second option! Congratulations again and keep us informed of the next stage of your journey to publication.

  4. Thank you Jo, Lynne, Deirdre and Alex I think we never truly believe in ourselves do we and it’s ridiculous because we should. Jo if you got a second read then obviously your novel has what it takes I think it’s only natural we don’t think it’s good enough but trust me it will be. Lynne I’m sending lots of wishes to your doggie and fingers crossed she produces those puppies soon, I can’t wait to hear let us know when she does. Deirdre thanks and Alex that’s very kind of you to say 🙂 I think that pretty soon this is going to be a blog full of published authors 🙂

    Helen xx

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