A moment in time

It can be fleeting, then gone. Or something so cherished, you will never let it go. What am I talking about? Memories.

Recently I went on holiday, to see relatives. Almost every stop on the underground had significance for me. It was amazing the thoughts and feelings that came back to me. At one point I felt a little sad, as I remembered what had been, but was no longer.

Writing is something we all love to do. Sometimes it can be painful, other times filled with joy. When that dreaded block rears its head, and there is nothing you can do! When the hands fly across the keyboard trying to keep up with everything that you know has to be written down. Still through it all we still keep on doing it.

The first memory I have of writing anything down, was when my rabbit died. It was a very sad time for me. I must have been about eight years old. The garden we had at the time was a large one. So we had one half for the rabbit, and the other for the dog. There was a large gate which separated them. Sadly one day the dog got into the rabbit’s side of the garden, let’s say it wasn’t a happy ending.

I was devastated. My lovely rabbit called Thumper had gone to the great bunny warren in the sky. The feeling was so painful, so I sat down and wrote it all down, the tears just fell as I began to put everything down on paper. After I had finished the sadness seemed to have lifted from me. It still hurt, but not as badly. As for my dog, I didn’t speak to him for a week. Then we made up. And he was a loving friend until he sadly passed away.

Next I started to write fairy tales. I remember my mum making up a title, and I had to write a story about it. The first one I wrote was about a white pearl that had been stolen by a witch. She had placed it in her garden, and it turned black. All the flowers in the world were dying.

I loved writing and still do today. When writing a novel we are in control. The characters we create can have powerful memories of their own, painful or otherwise. You decide who lives and who dies.

WOW! When you think about it our imagination is something special, we can create or destroy worlds with it. The beauty of it is that if we kill a character off, we can soon bring him or her back to life.

Can you remember the first time you put pen to paper?

On my journey page I talked about the first romance that I had ever read.

Is there a first novel that inspired you to want to write?

Memories can be powerful, they can hold you back from life, or move you forward. The good thing is we can choose to hold on to them or let them go.

Lorraine x

8 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. Hi Lorraine

    I now have the song “Memory” by Elaine Paige whirring around my head! Yes, you’re right, they’re incredibly powerful. I love the way that a smell or a song can evoke a memory, happy or sad. I also find a book can too. I remember a holiday I went on with a couple of work colleagues when I read Bridget Jones’s Diary for the first time. It was the only good thing about the holiday! And I clearly remember sitting at the back of my Marketing classes in College with my 3 college-mates, each reading one of the Flowers in the Attic series under the desk.

    The first time I am conscious of writing something that wasn’t for school, a diary entry or a letter to my penpal Liz would be when I was at College. I have 2 brothers. One is 2 years older than me and one is 6 years younger and I found I was very protective of him when I was younger. At the same time, I was infuriated by him … not because he was an annoying kid but because my mum who had recently returned to part time work expected me to do his ironing and cook for him after College as if oblivious to the fact I’d done a full day of studies and still had homework to do. Anyway, after yet another ironing battle with my mum, I found myself imagining what life would be like if he wasn’t around. The thought upset me and, before I knew it, a story popped into my head about him being killed in a car crash but me being the driver. Pretty morbid stuff. Thankfully he’s still alive and kicking and is a great brother 🙂 I may post that story one day (although not sure if my brother would like it!!!) That’s really the first time I wrote about emotions and became aware of writing being something that wasn’t just assignment-related.

    Sorry about your rabbit. How traumatic! But really glad it inspired you to write!


    • It is just amazing that something like your brother annoying you can trigger a story! Emotions can really impact our life and writing. I loved Elaine Paige singing “memory” It really is a beautiful song. I never did read Brigette jones. I saw the movie and loved it. My heart went out to her, all she craved was someone to love her, for who she was.
      There are some really amazing memories that really fill us with joy. I went to see 42nd Street last week. I confess that I was dancing down the street, whilst singing. (my relatives pretended not to know me) Last year at the summer party, I sang HEY BIG SPENDER. With a wiggle.
      When we write there is a freedom that allows us to create something beautiful, passionate, happy or sad.
      Emotions and memories are linked. Also you can thank your brother for his part in your road to writing. Thanks for sharing, When we meet up we’ll have to sing a duet of memory. I’ll tell you with my singing voice it really will be cats singing!
      Lorraine x

    • It doesn’t matter, we’ll have a good time. If it gets to painful for the audience, we can give them cheese to put in their ears! As you can tell I have been watching ALLO ALLO!
      Lorraine x

    • I may have to write it down. Did I forget to say about the old woman who looked at her reflection, and she was really young, but had been put under a spell. All a part of the same story.
      Perhaps I should do a serial on our virtual writing group?
      It’s not romance, but I am sure I could put a handsome prince in somewhere?
      Lorraine x

  2. Hi Lorraine

    What a wonderful post, it had all the key ingredients – tragedy, comedy and love (of writing at least!). I agree with Jaxx that the story of the pearl that turns black sounds wonderful and there could be a children’s best seller in there I think.

    I definitely use memories and experiences in my writing and I really must try to get better at using my writer’s notebook to capture more of them. I can’t really remember what inspired me to write, as I can’t actually remember a time when I wasn’t scribbling some sort of story as a child.

    I do know what inspired me to try my hand more seriously at writing, a couple of years ago, though. A brush with cancer forced me to “wake up and smell the coffee”, realising that we each only have a finite time to make our dreams come true.

    That said, there are days when I almost wish I didn’t want to write – today being one of them. Either way, epic fail or huge success, however my story turns out, my writing experiences and the friends I meet along the way, like all of you Write Romantics, will enrich my life with a whole set or memories of their own.

    Jo x

    • You are so right. Time is so precious, we have to make the most of it. And as for writing don’t give up!
      Think of it this way. If whoever invented the light bulb had given up, we may still be living in the dark.!
      And along the writing journey we learn so much from each other. Friendships are so important.
      Also, you are never a failure when you write. You open yourself up to so much, because you are putting your dreams on the page. As I said in our writing we have the power over life and death. I was talking to someone about Dallas today. The episode where Pam woke up to find Bobby had not bbeen shot. It turned out to be a terrible dream. That is having the power to bring a character back to life! And it worked. Though we had a good laugh in my house about it. Everyone just excepted it!

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