BRAND NEW SLOT!!!! The Wednesday Wondering – Girls Night Out

The Write Romantics have come up with a new regular slot. It’s called “The Wednesday Wondering” and we’ll post it every … you’ve guessed it … Wednesday!

The idea is that one of us (or one of our wonderful followers) poses a question and as many of us as possible answer it in the posting. The question should ideally have some connection to writing, books or romance but I’m sure we’ll squeeze a few random questions in there from time to time. 

We’d absolutely love any of our followers to post a comment with their answer to The Wednesday Wondering and/or pose us a question for future use. We also hope to come up with a graphic for this. I found a fab one online but I’m concerned about copyright issues so apologies for no picture! 

This week’s question was posed by Write Romantic Julie:

If you could go on a girl’s night out with the female lead from any book, who would it be and why?


And here’s our responses, alphabetically by name:


I’d like to go on a night out with Rachel from ‘You Had Me at Hello’ by Mhairi McFarlane (which I’ve recently reviewed on the Recommended Reads Page). Rachel is a good Northern girl from Sheffield. She’s smart and she’s very funny.  As she was engaged to a musician I think she must like music which is great because all of my best nights out have involved seeing a band.  I’m also pretty sure she can hold her drink which will be good as I’m a total lightweight so she can prop me up at the end of the night!



I would choose to go out with Bernadette ‘Benny’ Hogan from Maeve Binchy’s ‘Circle of Friends’. I loved the book and the writer and I think there was probably quite a lot of Maeve herself in the character of Benny.  Benny is someone I can empathise with, her struggles with body image, the loss of her father and having one of the people closest to you betray you, are all experiences I have shared.  Benny is also incredibly warm-hearted and loyal and would be just great to have as a friend, I am sure.  In fact she reminds me of a friend from my earliest school days, but I won’t name names here to protect the innocent!  I would also like to study Benny’s character, as I think Maeve was a fantastic writer.  If a night out with Benny would help me weave even the tiniest trace of Maeve’s magic into my own writing, it would be one of the most well spent evenings out I’ve ever had – much like the RNA conference evenings, I am hoping!



It may be a bit predictable but my answer would be Bridget Jones providing she left the cigarettes at home (sorry – pet peeve) because I like that she’s a bit squidgy round the edges (like me, although I’m a lot squidgy!), not exactly a stunner, a bit neurotic and a damned good laugh. Seems like the sort of woman I wouldn’t feel in awe of or put down by and who can relate to the many male and cooking disasters that have haunted me for years



Miss Marple, because of her razor sharp mind. And we would have a cream tea, and discuss the latest murder in her village. Then maybe I could help her solve it. This obviously would take us into the evening, due to all the suspects.


What would your answer be? Please let us know xx

15 thoughts on “BRAND NEW SLOT!!!! The Wednesday Wondering – Girls Night Out

  1. That’s a hard one. I’d love to meet up with Claire from Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, just to give her a huge hug for everything which happens to her through the book. Umm, another big one is Shakespeare’s Juliet to get her to send Romeo a text (oops, sorry I mean leave Romeo a note) telling him that when he next sees her she’s not going to really be dead! Every time I watch/read it I am willing the end to change. Sad I know :-\. I’m the same with Titanic – don’t try to go so fast, go steady, watch out for the iceberg!!!!

    I’ll be interested to read other peoples’ replies.

    Liz 😀

  2. Hmm that’s a toughie, I would probably say Bridget Jones as well Julie or maybe Annie Graham my character in The Ghost House because she is desperate for a good girlie night out after the trauma and haunting she goes through 😉

    Helen xx

  3. I’d love to go on a girls’ night out with Cannie Shapiro, from Jennifer Weiner’s “Good in Bed”. She sounds funny, bubbly and a person who I would like to get to know beyond the face that everybody sees.
    Helen R.

  4. I’ve just finished reading The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes so I’m thinking I’d love to do a pub crawl of Dublin with Helen Walsh and her sisters. Helen would be on the Diet Coke but the rest of us would have Guinness. It would be nice if there was traditional Irish music in the background but as the Walsh family are ‘close but mean’ no other entertainment would be needed. In the wee small hours, with only a hazy memory of the night, we’d sober up over tea and bacon rolls.

    • Hi Kate

      Thanks for sharing. I love Marian Keyes but am way behind on my reading pile for her with 4 un-reads already on the shelf. She writes such brilliant characters so I can imagine the sort she’s created in Helen. Love the “close but mean” description!

      We’ve got another fab question for this coming Wed so come back and join us again then 🙂


  5. Oh that’s tough. I kind of understand Lorraine’s point about Miss Marple, who is one of my heroines, though I do feel she’d be scrutinizing me a bit too much…Bridget would have been my first choice because she was my first chick lit heroine and I adore her. Are you sure we can’t take the hero instead? That would be fun…hmmm…spoilt for choice there. Where was I? Oh yes, heroines. Well, since Bridget’s already been taken (twice!) I think I’d go for Laura in Jane Wenham-Jones’ novel Prime Time. She’s a single mum with a self-deprecating sense of humour and a big problem with hormones. She’s funny and definitely not a quitter, but she goes through all the things that so many ordinary women go through and makes lots of mistakes so she wouldn’t intimidate me…plus she’s the sort of woman who wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if you asked for a second slice of cake. Maybe we could meet up with Bridget, Helen and Julie…that really would be an interesting evening! 🙂

    • Hi Sharon, I like the sound of that. All our heroines meeting up for a night out. That would be great fun. Though I do think there would be a few raised brows, if miss Marple came along with us! Don’t underestimate my heroine, underneath, I am positive she is a party animal, she’s just good at keeping it quiet. One night with Bridget, and her life could take on a whole new meaning!

      Lorraine x

    • Hi Sharon
      Thanks for joining in and what a fab person Laura sounds like. I’ve actually read Jane’s book “wannabe a writer” and have “wannabe a writer we’ve heard of?” on my TBR pile but haven’t read any of her fiction. Must do so as I really liked her non-fiction work. I think a great party is shaping up here …!

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