Saturday Spotlight: Adrienne Vaughan

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome Adrienne Vaughan to the blog today. Author of the romantic suspense ‘Heartfelt’ series, editor of Romance Matters and aspiring Bond Girl, Adrienne is also one of New Romantics Press, an  inspirational group of self published authors  who have recently taken part in an author showcase at Waterstone’s Kensington branch.  With her being such an amazing lady the Write Romantics had lots and lots of questions for Adrienne… 


We know you’re a journalist and editor of Romance Matters as well as a writer. How hard is it to find time to write? 

I was given a turquoise Petite Typewriter when I was seven and my fate was sealed. I used to sit at the kitchen table and cut out articles and pictures, then paste them onto pages, making my own magazines. My mother would often sit down with a nice cup of tea and Woman’s Own, only to find I’d snipped out half the magazine when she wasn’t looking! I run a busy PR practice, and Romance Matters is just one of the magazines I work on, the others are more corporate, featuring architecture, construction and property. My creative writing is what I do when I’m not at my ‘official desk’. I write long hand – so my first typescript is an edit – usually very early in the morning,  or when I’m on holiday, in an aeroplane, on a train, anywhere really. I think you have to make time to write, I know I do.

How has being a member of the New Romantics benefitted you? 

Being a founder member of the New Romantics Press was, and still is, totally inspirational. Four very different writers, with distinct styles and voices, yet  I now have three buddies I just can’t imagine being without. We support each other, nag each other, admire each other and love each other. I say unreservedly, I would not be a published writer without  Lizzie Lamb, June Kearns and Mags Cullingford. They’ve helped my dream come true. End of.

June, Adrienne and Lizzie at the Waterstones Author Showcase (Unfortunately Mags Cullingford was recovering from knee surgery and couldn't join them)

June, Adrienne and Lizzie at the Waterstones Author Showcase (Unfortunately Mags Cullingford was recovering from knee surgery and couldn’t join them)

How big a help has social media and the New Romantics blog been in promoting your books?

Social media – particularly for an independent – is the main route to our audience, our readers. Without it I wouldn’t have readers who have both enjoyed my books and written some great reviews too. My first novel, The Hollow Heart has been downloaded by over 30,000 people, how else would I have reached even 300 without social media, Amazon and the internet.

We know you’re lucky enough to own a horse (Sharon Booth will be so jealous!) When did you get it? Does riding influence your writing at all?

My beautiful horse was extremely elderly and went to heaven at the end of last year. It was his time and it was a happy ending but I do miss him. One of the most fascinating things about riding, is that you have to communicate with another animal in a way it will understand and you must always remember, the animal you have given your complete trust has a brain of its own too. When it goes right, like a fabulous hack out, or winning a competition, it’s the most amazing feeling. My latest novel, Secrets of the Heart, features riding within the story and of course, the book is dedicated to my horse, Marco, as well as my late grandfathers …all wonderful gentlemen.


 What’s next now the ‘Heart’ series of books are finished?

Tough question. I currently have two on the go. The Scandal of the Seahorse Hotel and A Most Deadly Affair – both romantic suspense and both totally different, although ‘Deadly’ will involve a lot more research, so I think that will take a back seat to ‘Scandal’ until that’s finished.

  •  Why do your books have an Irish setting?

Although born in England, I was brought up in Dublin and my family are all Irish. I have lived in the UK for over thirty years now, although I flit between the two countries very regularly.

My first novel – still (unsurprisingly) unpublished – was written thirty years ago, inspired by Maeve Binchy’s, Light A Penny Candle, so maybe writing about Ireland keeps me connected. I do have to check with family and friends I don’t fall into what they call ‘Plastic Irish’ – if my ‘voice’ wasn’t authentic, they’d soon tell me about it!

Did you have anyone in mind when you created the sexy Hollywood actor Ryan?


(And that was all she’ll say on that one, I’m afraid!)

How did you become editor of Romance Matters (the magazine of the Romantic Novelist’s Association) and what does that involve?

I’d just joined the NWS – a total godsend to me – and there was a notice in the magazine to say the lovely Myra Kersner was standing down after eight years, could anyone help. My hand shot up! The job involves all the wonderful things about being an editor, commissioning articles, planning features, interviewing really important people and making lots of new friends. What’s not to like?

What are your writing plans for the next year?

Hmm, good question. I’m hoping 2015 is the year I start on that long road to becoming recognised as a writer. With three books under my belt, two of which have been shortlisted for an award at the Festival of Romantic Fiction, I’m currently seeking an agent, so we’ll see where that leads. Plus the New Romantics Press has plans for a very special short story anthology later this year, and I also have a small collection of short stories I’m hoping to publish too. I’m hoping I can become a true hybrid, published both traditionally and independently. Although, at the heart of things, it doesn’t really matter, I’ll always write, it’s what I do.


We see that you had ambitions to be a Bond Girl. Have you based any of your heroes on James Bond?

Had? What do you mean HAD ??? Look, if Dame Judy Dench can do it, there’s hope! The character Ryan plays in his movies, Thomas Bentley is based on a sort of James Bond, but for me, Ryan is a true ‘James Bond’. Daring, single-minded, handsome and very hot – yet totally loyal to both Marianne and Joey – even when things get a bit rocky, he sticks to his guns and gets his girl in the end. Well, thanks for having me and a very happy and fruitful new year to you and all the Write Romantics …keep at it and never, never, never give up. Now, must dash …booked my first skiing lesson …well, you never know, do you?


You can check out Adrienne’s website at here, buy the Heartfelt series here and follow her on Twitter at @adrienneauthor. You can find the New Romantics Press here. If you’d like to read Write Romantic Sharon’s review of The Hollow Heart then click here

Huge thanks to Adrienne for joining us today. If you’d like to leave a comment or ask Adrienne a question then please click where it says ‘leave a comment’ or ‘comments’ in tiny little writing at the bottom of this post.  Have a great weekend! Alys x


20 thoughts on “Saturday Spotlight: Adrienne Vaughan

  1. Have just finished Adrienne’s third book , Secrets of the Heart – and loved it.
    Her work rate is phenomenal – she’s an absolute life force, but also great friend, loyal supporter and comrade-in-arms! Exciting times ahead for her. Go, Ade!

  2. Oh,I have to read these books now for sure – and the covers are gorgeous. So sorry to hear about your horse, having two I know what you mean about remembering they have a brain!
    Thanks for a great post. X

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Marco, Adrienne. What a handsome chap he was!
    I’m very glad that you haven’t given up on your Bond dreams. You always look so glamorous, I’m quite sure you’d be a fabulous addition to the cast! 🙂 I’m very intrigued to know who Ryan was based on. Can’t you just whisper? I won’t tell anyone!
    I wish you the very best of luck for 2015. I just know you and the other New Romantics will have another successful year. You are four extremely talented writers and I’ve loved every book I’ve read so far from you all.
    Thanks so much for chatting to us today. xx

  4. YOU are a total star, Sharon! Remember I said your review of The Hollow Heart made my cry …well it did, and it encouraged me to keep going. Thank you.

    PS Marco was 28, with a girlfriend ten years his junior. He was waited on hand and foot, and his paddock had one of the most glorious views in Leicestershire. He came to me at a time I was never going to ride again, and I saved him from being put down. So in a way, we rescued each other. A true love affair. 🙂

  5. Fab interview, Alex, and Adrienne has the most fantastic hair of any author I’ve met – I thought writing and working from home was a good excuse not to brush mine until I met her!

    • Thanks for the compliment Jo, to be honest if my hair ever looks good it’s because I’ve heeded Reta Wrafter’s (my sister) advice. I’ve no patience to do it properly myself. I do wear a lot of hats to make up for my neglect. ask June Kearns! x

    • Thank you Jessica. I looked at hundreds of pictures of girls in red dresses before I found the original shot, I needed her to be on a beach but it needed to be glamorous too. I have been accused of being rather ’80’s’ but pass me my shoulder pads, I care not! 😳

  6. Adrienne has done so well to publish three books in under 2 1/2 years. I”m very proud to be part of that journey too. I love the books and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does now she’s eating her Irish trilogy behind. Adrienne is incredibly hard-working I don’t know how she manages to fit it all in. Not only is she a great writer and hard-working member of New Romantics Press, she’s also a lovely person to have for a friend.

    • Back at you too, Lizzie. What a whirlwind, amazing time we’re all having and whatever drew us together deserves a huge thank you, if this is hard work, more of the same please! Can’t wait for your new novel this spring. Go us! X

  7. That’s Our Girl! Great interview Adrienne, delivers the essence of you and your roller-coaster-romantic-action novels. When you read the Heartfelt Trilogy and escape to a magical island off the west coast of Ireland, become involved with the engaging cast of characters, you’ll have no regrets.

      • Certainly is – look forward to re-visiting Florence through your story. You may remember, one of the lovers of my main character in my first novel was from Florence, and she certainly had an interesting time with another lover there – in September.

  8. Thanks for joining us on the blog Adrienne. It’s been an absolute pleasure! I’ve just downloaded The Hollow Heart. I’ve read the first couple of chapters and I’m loving it! Alys x

  9. Hi Adrienne,
    Thank you for sharing…I too loved horses when I was growing up, but was never lucky enough to own one. What a lovely story that you and Marco saved each other…I think animals can have such an effect on us 🙂
    ‘Secrets of the Heart’ looks fab from the cover…have a great 2015 and hope to catch up with you at this year’s RNA conference!
    Helen R x

  10. I really enjoyed this interview with Adrienne Vaughan. From a reader’s point of view it is fascinating for us to get a glimpse into an author’s life. I am a huge fan of Adrienne’s and have read all three of her books and would highly recommended them. They are so full of life and adventure, not to mention the fabulous mix of characters she has conjured up! I am looking forward to the next offering from this very talented author.

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