Friday Friends Competition – win a signed copy of Jane Lythell’s ‘After the Storm’

FINAL After the Storm_JANEWhen I was in my twenties, life was very different. I could stay up all night, drink whatever I wanted and still wake up the next day bright-eyed and ready to take on the world. Since becoming a mum, sleep is like gold dust and it takes me about four days to recover from a late night. Children just don’t give you the luxury of lying on the sofa until 3 pm, eating bacon sandwiches and watching re-runs of Friends until you feel ready to face the world, do they? So, reading into the small hours, just like late nights out, has largely become a thing of the past. Only a handful of books now keep me reading through the night, knowing that I’ll suffer the next day but not caring because the story is so worth it. In the last year, two of those very books were written by Jane Lythell.

Jane writes novels that you simply can’t put down. I was on the edge of my seat (well, more accurately, my bed) reading both The Lie of You’ and After the Storm’. I woke up in the morning, on both occasions after finishing Jane’s books, exhausted, with a hint of tan from the glow of my Kindle and serious writer envy, but over-ridingly pure enjoyment as a reader of two great books.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are today but, down here in Kent, we woke up to a terrific thunderstorm, the low rumblings waking me up before either the children or the alarm clock had the chance, but it’s also tropically hot and humid. All of that seems pretty apt for this blog post, since today I have the privilege of running a competition to give away not one, but two signed copies of Jane’s second novel ‘After The Storm’, which tells the story of two couples setting sail for an idyllic island cruise in the Caribbean – except there are secrets simmering just below the surface, so it’s far from plain sailing and, as the tagline says, some secrets can destroy you…

All you have to do to win a signed copy of this fantastic thriller is to write one or two sentences on your worst ever holiday disaster!Picture 405

You can leave a comment here (click comment in the tiny green writing at the bottom of the screen) or tweet us @writeromantics, leave a message on our Facebook page or email us at Jane will pick two lucky winners and you’ll also get a mention on her blog.

I’d love to enter, but of course I can’t – suffice it to say that my worst holiday disaster involved missed transportation, a serial-killer style haircut and gravel in the inner ear! You can read more about ‘After the Storm’ in the publisher’s press release here, it’s available right now in WHSmiths travel outlets nationwide and, of course, online.

Good luck and, to the winners, you are in for a treat!


PLEASE NOTE: The competition closes at midnight BST on Tuesday 16th June.

21 thoughts on “Friday Friends Competition – win a signed copy of Jane Lythell’s ‘After the Storm’

  1. We were on Skye for our first camping trip. Someone had lent us an infatable igloo tent – dead easy for newbies to use. OH set to work pumping up the tent while I unpacked our supplies and Dalmation sat in the middle of the tent as it puffed up around her. There was a bang, tent exploded and rapidly deflated on top of dog who was not amused. As we fought to rescue her the rain came on, of course. The lovely couple on the next pitch offered to let us share their two-person tent but we set off into the night to find a B&B. Dog was even less amsued to be forbidden entry by the rather frosty owner and had to sleep in the car on her own. Never been camping since.

    • Oh Mary, you paint a very vivid picture and it’s certainly enough to put you off camping! I’ve had some miserable experiences in tents too and the air bed never quite seems to make it all the way through a night without deflating. Give me a cosy B&B any day 🙂 Jo

      • I’m going to enjoy these disasters stories. Awful at the time but funny afterwards. And a BIG thank you to Jo for her wonderfully supportive words.

  2. Lovely post. I have just read The Lie of You and couldn’t stop reading. The tension and suspense was so brilliantly done, I thought. I also live in Brighton and belong to the Beach Hut Writers as I think Jane does. We’ve not met yet but hopefully will do one day at one of their events. Jane, best of luck with your future books. I’m popping over to the FB page now to describe my holiday disaster!

    • Hello Deirdre. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes I’m a Beach Hut Writer too. Nice supportive group isn’t it? Sadly i can’t get to the summer picnic on 6 July but hope to meet you at another event.

  3. One astonishingly good idea we had once was to camp with friends (some of whom were camping virgins) for a whole weekend fifteen minutes up the road, beneath a buzzing electricity pylon in constant torrential rain. The fact that it also involved home showers and restaurants goes to show just what an astonishingly good idea it actually was. Note to self: “…”

  4. Camping in a storm on the side of a hill in Anglesey with my sister years ago. Held on to the sides of the tent but it blew away in the early hours anyway, so ended up sleeping in the hatchback part of my sister’s car. Stupidly tried to cook breakfast in the hatchback with the boot open and one gust of wind blew into the Primus and set the back seat on fire. Farmer called the fire brigade and we eventually drove home at the end of the second day of our hols with a badly burned car that was also soaking wet. I can still remember the stench of burned, wet rubber and fabric that we had to endure for two hundred miles!

  5. Different kind of Disaster. In 2002, my wife was going on a last-minute holiday with friends to Turkey where you don’t know the resort & hotel until you get there. I took her & her 2 friends to Birmingham Airport but on arrival, inspecting the luggage in the boot there appeared to be 1 item missing! The one with her money, passport & documentation. Of course I was Blamed! I realised I didn’t have time to go back & get it. I rang my son-in-law & asked him to bring it up. He did but it was 10 mins past the last check-in time. Her friends went but she was left behind. I managed to arrange for her to go on a flight 5 hours later from East Midlands Airport for a fee of £70. We didn’t know if she would meet up with her friends or what would happen at that stage. Unfortunately my Son-in-law received a speeding ticket for his valiant effort to retrieve the situation.
    There was a happy ending of sorts as my wife did indeed end up in the same hotel as her friends. As I was returning home later than expected, I was able to listen to the Great Party in the Park at Buckingham Palace on the radio on the way home. The speeding fine for my Son-in-law was on his return journey so I didn’t fell quite so guilty!
    I always double & triple check that people have the correct luggage now before departing!

    • Gosh I feel for you Alan. I am fanatical about checking that I have my passport and cash with me when going away and I check my handbag again and again! In fact the whole going on holiday thing is rather stressful isn’t it?
      And thank you for your kind words.

  6. By The Way! These are two of the Best Books I have ever read! Jane Lythell is such an Intuitive Author & understands people so well! Blown Away!

  7. Thanks for joining us Jane. I have The Lie of You on Kindle ready and can’t wait to read it when I’ve caught up on all the Write Romantic books out at the moment!

    I’ve had a few holiday disasters and most are based around camping which seems to be a theme on this thread! We’ve only been camping as a family on 4 occasions and it has been thunderstorms/torrential rain every single time! On the last one, we’d just arrived at the field and unpacked the tent, put the basic shape up, and the heavens opened. It was like someone throwing a bucket of water over us but, as it had been dry for ages before, the ground couldn’t cope. There was water everywhere and it seeped through the groundsheet and flooded the tent. I had to scoop it out. Within an hour, all was fine but the tent never recovered – the heavy rain had ripped parts of it and it had to be binned 😦 I still like camping, though xx

  8. Holiday? Which disaster would you like me to choose? The half day in La Clusaz? The cricked neck in the Ardèche? My 8 year walking through unbreakable glass? May be my father-in-law’s exploding eye ? My summers and winters spent in France have allowed me to explore and discover the wonders of the French Health System. Each event has cost me a year of my life. In terms of popular demand I am often asked to recount the wettest summer in French history. It was after the birth of my second child and his mother and I thought it was wise to explore the waterfalls and open spaces of the Ardèche. All was fine until our return from the mountains and watery wonders. Then the damp set in. An achy morning turned into a restricted afternoon. The evening was slow and uncomfortable so I decided to turn in early. By the following morning every movement became agony. Every turn became torture. I was suffering from a cricked neck. My decision making disappeared and my pain threshold evaporated. Fearing movement I turned to my wife. A doctor arrived who said he had pills I could take but I needed an intravenous muscle relaxant to avoid me being in further pain. Within minutes the Pompier arrived and had me strapped to an inflatable stretcher. The moments that followed were just the entrée to a much more bizarre main course. 5 minutes I was at the local cottage hospital being greeted by some less than professional looking staff. My foreignness was noted and recorded. A doctor appeared to reveal they had ran out of the intravenous muscle relaxant so I’d have to take an oral pill, the same one I could have had earlier. He apologised. The doctor then said I was lucky as I would be seen by the senior doctor. Then my world flipped on its head. An elderly man entered the room wearing pyjamas. He also had an intravenous drip running through his button holes into his chest area. Believing I was hallucinating I asked my wife if he was there. She concurred he was real. The man picked up my chart and introduced himself as the senior doctor.

  9. We’d just met and wanted a romantic post Christmas break. We also wanted to become healthier and I chanced upon an ad for a Yoga retreat in Lanzarote. Neither of us had ever tried yoga before.
    The villa was beautiful with stunning garden and gorgeous views but after breakfast on the first morning we were gathered in the sunny conservatory and our hosts asked us to describe our ‘issues’ one by one.
    Silly us, we hadn’t thought this holiday through at all. Everyone there apart from us was recently divorced, bereaved or in a state of depression and didn’t want to be alone over the Christmas break.
    The only ‘issue’ we could come up with was that we wanted to stop smoking. Now off the hook we then made our way to the 1st yoga session by the pool. No warm up exercises just straight onto the poses; backbends , bridges and dogs were all involved.
    2 hours later and I’m being booked in for sessions with the ‘resident’ chiropractor as I have hurt my back. No more yoga for me.
    The rest of the week involved us trying to keep as far away from the villa as possible in between the chiropractor walking all over me and our fellow guests sharing their sad tales over late boozy nights. If there had been a flight to take us home we would have mortgaged everything to have booked it.
    Amazingly we did stop smoking and with the hindsight of 12 years can now look back and laugh about our holiday from hell.

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