Meet the Write Romantics

If you’d like to find out any more about the ten writers who make up The Write Romantics, you can follow all of us on Twitter. Or if you’d like to visit any of our websites or blogs, you can find us by clicking on the links below.

Jo Bartlett
author pic

Twitter @J_B_Writer

Sharon Booth
Twitter @Sharon_Booth1

Jackie Ladbury

Twitter @JackieLadbury

Deirdre Palmer/Zara Thorne
new author pic

Twitter @DLPalmer_Writer

Lynne Pardoe

Twitter @spabbygirl

Helen Phifer
helen phifer

Twitter @helenphifer1

Jessica Redland

Twitter @JessicaRedland

Helen J Rolfe
photo 1

Twitter @HjRolfe

Rachael Thomas

conf 2014 11
Twitter @rachaeldthomas

Alys West

Twitter @alyswestyork

15 thoughts on “Meet the Write Romantics

  1. Quite a diverse group here! It’s great to see so many writers all at different stages of their careers. I predict big things for the Write Romantics!

    Jay, I didn’t know you’d had a publishing offer! Massive congratulations on that and very well deserved. I want more information and how come you’ve kept it so quiet?? xx

    Harriet, love the new name! I’m very interested to hear about your self publishing experiences and I like that your heroines are a good mix of ages. xx

    Jackie, if your mother says your books are brilliant then they are. Mother knows best! 😉 Can I just say, I love the sound of your heroes! xx

    Lynne, I should think social work is a brilliant source of story ideas. The whole of human life is in there and I’ll bet you’ve seen things that stir up every emotion there is. xx

    Helen P, you can rest assured that you write page-turners! I read The Ghost House and I was gripped from start to finish. What a twist! I will definitely be reading The Secrets of the Shadows xx

    Jessica, I am very much looking forward to reading your trilogy and I’m glad you made the decision to go indie. It’s going to be an exciting adventure! Maybe one day our characters could meet up. They only live a few miles apart, after all! 😉 xx

    Helen R, I have to be honest and admit I’ve never read any novel set in Australia, so I promise, yours will be the first! Looking forward to it xx

    Rachael, I haven’t read Mills and Boon since I was a teenager but I will definitely be buying A Deal Before the Altar. Big congratulations on your book deal. It’s not easy to write category romances and the competition is fierce so very well done xx

    Alys, if Beltane doesn’t get snapped up by a publisher very soon there is no sense or justice in the world. Very well done on getting an agent and I can’t wait to ready your trilogy. So proud of you xx

    • Oh thanks Sharon! I write contemporary and my books aren’t too rural so probably a bit different to the books that are out there at the moment. If you’re like me, it’s a pleasure to delve into different worlds…I love reading stories set in England because it makes me closer to home if that makes sense. Stories set in Melbourne are close to my heart because I love that city, and stories in New York are just fascinating because I’d love to visit the Big Apple one day!
      Helen R 🙂

  2. Sharon, you are an absolute star and great friend of the blog, as Jay says. How lovely of you to comment on each and every entry 🙂 Absolutely loving the idea of our characters meeting up; there could be a book in that!!! xxx

  3. I’m doing my best, Helen! Having said that, my nerves are in tatters when I think about people actually reading it. It’s all very well talking about it but the reality is a scary thing! Will look to you for lots of tips about how to stay calm and not go into meltdown xx

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